Monday, March 12, 2007

"Gimme Your Stuff"

I was referred by my best friend to a very interesting site that I'd like to be a part of.

Gimme Your Stuff

I love anything considered foreign. I really love sending and receiving mail. I even beg my mother to let me open her mail. I'm very creative and tend to overdue many things. I love giving and can't wait to get started!

I am here:
Things I like / love:
-rock music
-hair supplies
-foreign languages
-black and white stripes or checkered patterns
-earrings (I have one ear pierced.)
-teenager things
-local candy / food / snacks
-boy stuff
-black, gray or white things
-Japanese anything
-British flags (like patches, or on shirts, like when it's on things)
-keys (random keys to anything, I collect them)
-"retro", vintage anything (especially clothing) (not 1970's or disco)
-distressed clothing
-1980's clothing Items
-t-shirts (men's size small)
-hooded jackets (men's / women's size small)
-jeans (28 / 29 waist, 31 / 32 length American)
-boxers (underwear) (men's size small / medium)
-drawing material, like markers or colored pens
-rare, or unique local items
-anything else (be creative!)

I Offer:
-Elk Grove, California, San Francisco, Sacramento, American items
-paper items
-fruit / vegetable gardening seeds, a major industry in California
-snacks, food partial to California or America
-American clothing [upon special request]
-creative gifts from the heart :]
-fabrics, craft supplies--Only if you specifically ask for them.
-items of sentimental value
-novels or books
-jewelry & accessories
-American music - a custom, personal mix CD, album cover and all.
-anything else you may like, just ask!

If there's something you would like that I haven't mentioned, go ahead and ask for it.

Let the swap begin!

Found me on the "GIMME YOUR STUFF" site, but don't have Blogger?
Email me at


cowie said...

hi i'm cao from singapore and i would love to swop stuff with you! i can get you cds of local rock bands, hair supplies, local candy/snacks, accessories, art stuff (markers, paper items, etc), clothings and keys! you can visit my gimmeyourstuff blog at or email me at! looking forward to your reply! (:

ps: i don't think you can find my name on the gimmeyourstuff site cos i'm new and i doubt i'm featured yet (:

zhen said...

Hey i just signed up for gimmeyourstuff and randomly clicked around. Thought you were pretty interesting. Anyway! My name's eugenia and i like the stuff you've written ") would love to swop with you. Check out my lj ( You sound like a cool person. Hope to get a reply soon!

p.s: i'm using my friends gmail account >< you can mail me at if you're keen

Amanda101 said...

your cute! i love the hair! its awesome! do you want to chat sometime and dont worry i'm not a creek i am a girl i live in Utah and my eamil is!.

christine said...

please email me a you are sooooooooo hottttttttttt!!!! ;*

-=Chef Aries=- said...

hello u :D

add me on msn

brettio73 said...

Hey! I'm Cassie, 20, from VA. I can swap some pretty cool things. Keys, shoelaces, crafts, etc., etc.

I'd be very interested in stuff from San Fransisco.

Want to swap?

There's my page; you can comment back if you'd like!

jacq chua said...

hey. (:

i am jacq from singapore & i hope we can swap stuff like accessories, albums & special candy.

xoxo; jacq

Adds said...

I'm Addie from Singapore (:
I'd love to do a swop with you.
Drop by my page, yeah?


sanford tira said...

Hello i would like to swap with you, i need some clothes so look my blog and post me a comment if you are ok
Thank you so much